The GOP's language problem

Rep. Steve Pearce (R-New Mexico) recently spoke for about 5 minutes on the House floor. He spoke about the importance of words. About how words matter. And about how the president is using words in an extremely manipulative way. Of course that's not news to most of us. But it is refreshing to hear someone speak about it in such a straightforward manner, putting the topic front and center. I think the Congressman could have gone farther, but it's a start. He tried to demystify some of the language coming out of Washington and pointed out how words are being used to intentionally mislead the public, providing several examples. It was refreshing to hear someone speak the truth, plain and simple. Coincidentally, National Review Online recently published a piece by Thomas Sowell that addresses how lamentably inarticulate Republicans are. And, of course, Sowell is right. With few exceptions, GOP elected officials are not very skilled at crafting a clear, concise, and compelling...(Read Full Post)