Support the Vets March on Washington

Nothing seems to have angered the public quite so much as the Obama administration's needless closure of our national war monuments and the forcible denial of access to those sites to the warriors whom they were erected to honor.

In an absolutely shameful move, the administration has selected for particular abuse those who have given the most to preserve the democratic survival of this nation.  The outrage this churlishness has provoked is so widespread and deep that even Democrats should realize it as petty spitefulness coming from a petulant president and counterproductive to their cause.  Sadly, none has thus far had the courage to speak up in support of our veterans.

Supporters of the Obama barricades are about to get a wakeup call.  At 9:00 am this coming Sunday, October 13, there will be a Million Vet March on the Memorials by veterans.  (see also:  It is being organized by Special Operations Speaks, a political action committee organized by veterans of special operations service in all our military services to promote the political will of all military veterans.  Just as they served at the tip of the spear in military operations, they are now forming the vanguard of protest of governmental abuse of our nation's past warriors by organizing this march.  With that special confidence typical of special operators, they are optimistically calling for a million participants.

They have a special website where you can pledge to be there Sunday morning, sign their petition, and financially contribute.  I wish I could attend, but time does not permit, so I have signed the petition and made a small contribution.

If you have a burning desire to stick your finger in Barack Obama's eye for his petty vindictiveness, go to the website and do whatever you can to stand with our combat veterans and their undeniable right to visit their memorials.  Obama has flipped veterans the bird; these special operators who have served this country valiantly are providing the rest of us with the means to flip it right back to him.

And well we should.

Update from Jack Kemp:

There are also local veterans' marches all across the USA in the states. You can see the states listed at

Connecticut vets will rally near Hartford at the Iwo Jima Memorial at 9 am Sunday. NJ vets at their state's Vietnam Memorial. NY vets will rally at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial at 55 Water Street in Lower Manhattan.

I believe others will rally at their state capitols, but that isn't fully set up. Check these websites and Facebook and do a search to see what is being organized within your state.