Saudi Arabia turns down seat on UN Security Council citing inaction on Syria

In an unprecedented move, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has refused a seat on the UN's Security Council, citing inaction on Syria and the Palestinian question. Foreign Policy: U.N. specialists say that this is the first time a country has ever flat-out refused a Security Council seat. In 1950, the Soviet Union boycotted the Security Council to protest its failure to accept the People's Republic of China as a member of the U.N. security body. The move proved disastrous for the Soviets. In June 1950, the U.N. Security Council adopted a resolution authorizing a U.S.-led military intervention in Korea, a decision the Soviets would have been able to veto if they had been present in the room. Two years earlier, Ukraine temporarily refused to attend Security Council meetings. But council diplomats say it is unprecedented for a newly elected member of the Security Council to decline to serve out its term. "There are no precedents. Candidates normally drop out before elected, usually when...(Read Full Post)