President Obama should do a 'Bay of Pigs' on ObamaCare

Here is a bit of presidential history that they should review in the White House:

1961-- President Kennedy borrowed a play from the Truman playbook and took responsibility for The Bay of Pigs.

We need something similar from President Obama in a couple of fronts; ObamaCare & the NSA. 

He needs to take the blame for the website and say that spying on Europeans is part of protecting us from people who blow up buildings.

Instead, we are getting "excuses" and 'word games":

1) Valerie Jarret is now "tweeting" and blaming insurance companies for people losing their insurance:

"FACT: Nothing in #Obamacare forces people out of their health plans. No change is required unless insurance companies change existing plans."

2) Jay Carney painfully admitted that some will lose their insurance. 

3) The NSA people are furious that they are getting thrown under the bus for carrying out orders, according to The LA Times.

Here is the problem.  It makes President Obama look bad to have his staff running around playing word games.

Taking ownership and responsibility won't make "the Captain Renault of Casablanca Europeans" happy or solve all of ObamaCare's problems but it will establish that someone is in charge.

We desperately need to know that someone is in charge. The plane is flying through a nasty storm and some of us don't know if the pilot is in the cockpit or sharing next year's March Madness predictions online. 

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