Pentagon recalls civilian workers

Shutdown Theater continued yesterday as Secretary of Defense Hagel woke up and realized that the 400,000 civilian workers at the Pentagon didn't have to be furloughed after all! So after consulting with lawyers, he announced that it was all a big mistake and the civilian workers could come back to work now. Washington Post: Robert F. Hale, the Pentagon comptroller, estimated that more than 90 percent of about 350,000 furloughed Defense Department employees would return to work, many of them as soon as Monday. "We hope to move very quickly," Hale told reporters. The Defense Department directly employs about 750,000 civilians. Pentagon officials had previously said about 400,000 of them had been furloughed because of the government shutdown. Hale revised that number Saturday, saying that 350,000 was a more accurate figure. He said he could not precisely say how many people would be able to return to work because officials were still determining which employees qualified...(Read Full Post)