Obamacare: An Answer is only as Good as the Question

Many are asking if Obamacare can yet be declared a success. There's much talk about numbers. How many people have enrolled? How many people have signed up for a plan? Even people opposed to Obamacare have become caught up in this test of success, pointing to small numbers.

But asking about numbers is to ask the wrong question. Because if the numbers swell over time and one's argument against Obamacare is now about numbers, then high numbers will mean it is a "success." But the number of people who sign up for Obamacare does not in any way change the core problems with the legislation.

As Ben Carson and so many others have pointed out, socialized medicine is key to controlling people. And if anyone doubts how a government out of control can mess with us, one only need see the vindictive behavior of the past week during the shut down to have a taste of how nasty it can get.

So don't be fooled by numbers, or by the importance of numbers. The left will do whatever is necessary, including lie, to wind up with sizable numbers. But that will be beside the point.