Obama: Always the last guy to know

We learned during the Rose Garden show that ObamaCare can speak 150 languages.  Frankly, I did not know that there were 150 languages in the US or that many constituencies in the modern "identify politics" Democrat party. 

We do know that "the Spanish version" is a mess, too, according to my friends at Babalu

We also learned today that President Obama is always the last guy to know in this government.

Let's add another one to the growing list of things that President Obama did not know:   

"GUPTA: The president did say that he was angry about this. I mean, do you know when he first knew that there was a problem?

SEBELIUS: Well, I think it became clear fairly early on, the first couple of days

GUPTA: So not before that though? 


This is amazing.  Nobody told President Obama that his "signature legislation" could run into problems.

Apparently, nobody told him either that the company hired to put together the website had "a checkered past":

"While the company behind the dysfunctional HealthCare.gov was virtually unknown to the American public until this month, critics say the Obama administration should have known this multibillion-dollar firm had a checkered history with other government contracts.    

In projects stretching from Canada to Hawaii, parent company CGI Group and its subsidiaries ran into complaints about its performance. And this was while, and in some cases before, CGI Federal was paid millions, along with other contractors, to create the ObamaCare website. 

"The morning I heard CGI was behind [Healthcare.gov], I said, my God, no wonder that thing doesn't work," said James Bagnola, a Texas-based corporate consultant who was hired by the Hawaii Department of Taxation (DOTAX) in 2008." 

Of course, the Democrats will tell us that "you can't expect the president to check out companies" or that he is not "a computer expert".

Nobody is asking the president of the US to check references or understand software. 

All we ask of the President of the US is to surround himself with competent people who will implement programs and hold people accountable.

Back to the 150 languages, Spanish and English are down.  Wonder how the other 148 are doing?

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