'No se puede' ObamaCare website but 'Si se puede' spying on the Mexican president

Thank God that something works in Washington.  We can't do a website site for ObamaCare but we can get in the Mexican president's system and read his emails.

This is from Spiegel & news reports:

"The National Security Agency (NSA) has a division for particularly difficult missions. Called "Tailored Access Operations" (TAO), this department devises special methods for special targets. That category includes surveillance of neighboring Mexico, and in May 2010, the division reported its mission accomplished. A report classified as "top secret" said: "TAO successfully exploited a key mail server in the Mexican Presidencia domain within the Mexican Presidential network to gain first-ever access to President Felipe Calderon's public email account."

According to the NSA, this email domain was also used by cabinet members, and contained "diplomatic, economic and leadership communications which continue to provide insight into Mexico's political system and internal stability."

The president's office, the NSA reported, was now "a lucrative source."

This operation, dubbed "Flatliquid," is described in a document leaked by whistleblower Edward Snowden, which SPIEGEL has now had the opportunity to analyze. The case is likely to cause further strain on relations between Mexico and the United States, which have been tense since Brazilian television network TV Globo revealed in September that the NSA monitored then-presidential candidate Enrique Peña Nieto and others around him in the summer of 2012. Peña Nieto, now Mexico's president, summoned the US ambassador in the wake of that news, but confined his reaction to demanding an investigation into the matter."

The good news is that we can do something right.  Maybe President Obama should have used these people to create the ObamaCare website.  It's not easy breaking into another country's email system to read their emails.

The bad news is that this is going to blow up US-Mexican relations.

Seriously, what were trying to find out? 

It's a necessity to spy on your enemies or countries openly hostile to the US. 

I don't put Mexico in that category.  I've been critical of Mexico on these pages but this is too much.  Mexico has been fighting a costly and deadly war against cartels supplying our appetite for illegal drugs.  In other words, Mexican soldiers are dying because we can't control our consumption of illegal drugs!

This "email incident" comes on top of The Fast & Furious" story plus the one about grenades going south too.

I hope that the press will ask President Obama about this. This whole thing makes no sense.

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