No Obamacare questions at press conference

Several conservatives and a couple of journalists noted that yesterday's presidential press conference did not have any questions about the epic failure of Obamacare's rollout.

The most significant social program passed by Congress in the last 40 years with extraordinary consequences for the economy and the health of our citizens and not one single question about the screw ups.

Dylan Byers:

President Barack Obama sustained an hour-long press conference today without a single question about his signature healthcare law and the glitches that continue to plague the insurance exchanges -- a point that frustrated several conservatives.

"Explain to me how in a dozen questions the second biggest story of the week, the debacle, doesn't even come up," Brendan Buck, the press secretary for House Speaker John Boehner, asked in an email to POLITICO.


"Questions from WH press corps are pathetic," Brit Hume, the Fox News analyst tweeted. "As of this moment, not a single tough or challenging inquiry."

The criticism invited some blowback form Democrats, including former Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau, who tweeted, "Hey Republicans, maybe they'd ask about Obamacare if you didn't do such a great job pushing that shutdown for no discernible reason message."


Similarly, Slate's Dave Weigel wrote: "Hey, maybe the press would have asked some Obamacare glitch questions if there wasn't a giant f--king shutdown happening."

"Oh please," Michael Goldfarb, the neoconservative provacateur and founder of, replied, "reporters should do there job well if they don't want to be ridiculed as the stooges they are."

I guess liberals think that the White House press corps can't walk and chew gum at the same time, that they are incapable of asking about anything except the top story of the day.

Of course, part of the problem is that President Obama gives long, rambling, contradictory, and nearly incoherent answers to questions. There are significantly fewer questions asked at an hour long Obama press conference than any other president of recent vintage.

Perhaps if the president weren't so in love with the sound of his own voice, a question or two about Obamacare's problems might have been asked.