Major Newspaper Runs Known Liar's Hit Piece on Tea Party

The Los Angeles Times published a hit piece on the Tea Party written by history professor and known serial liar Joseph Ellis.  Mainstream media has hit a new low. Ellis's disgracefully arrogant op-ed about the Tea Party appeared on the same day as the Million Vet March in D.C.  Alongside the article, the LA Times planted a photo of some protesters at the World War II Memorial demonstration. Ironically, Ellis's assertion that the Tea Party is made up of "radicals" who want to return us to the 18th century might be the most truthful statement he's ever made.  As one commenter pointed out "in the 18th century, we were able to dig our way out of debt incurred by the War for Independence. We had awesome national leaders and brilliant thinkers. The average American was a rugged, independent citizen who didn't think of relying on the government for his livelihood, instead of the snivelling, helpless,...(Read Full Post)