Joggers Beware!

The federal government wants you to think twice before you do anything so rash as to even consider taking a jog in a park. John Bell, of Chadsford, Pennsylvania, did not realize the risk he was taking when he innocently went for a run in Valley Forge National Park. (Valley Forge, no less. Oh, the painful irony of it.) Imagine Mr. Bell's shock when he found park rangers with their car lights flashing, surrounding his car in the parking lot. Mr. Bell was summarily given a ticket for $100. Why? Because he was jogging in the park and the park is closed, don't you know, because of The Shutdown. Mind you, there were others in the park, as well. But not to worry. The rangers informed Mr. Bell that they planned to nab every last one of them, as well. So Mr. Bell, who has retained a lawyer to help him with this absurd situation, has joined the ever-growing list of American citizens who are simply trying to go about their lives and who find themselves with the jack boot of the...(Read Full Post)