It would be nice if President Obama would tell his side to stop insulting Republicans

To be fair, insults are a two way street in Washington.  No one has a monopoly.  Nevertheless, President Obama should call on his side to "chill out" and stop insulting the other side.  Carl M Cannon has made a partial list of what Democrats are saying.  Frankly, it is not pretty: It all starts with President Obama, who routinely accuses Republicans trying to thwart his spending plans by putting "party ahead of country." Last January, when talking-as Dan Pfeiffer was this week-about GOP insistence on trading spending cuts for agreeing to raise the nation's debt limit-the president said he wouldn't negotiate with those holding "a gun at the head of the American people." Joe Biden asserts Republicans are holding the country "hostage" with their spending stance, and in a 2011 meeting with congressional Democrats the vice president agreed with the suggestion that Tea Party groups were "terrorists." Among Democrats on Capitol Hill, it starts at the...(Read Full Post)