How Stupid is is a website that purports to investigate the truthfulness of news reports and internet rumors. But apparently, its primary readership is stupid people. Why else would it bother to "debunk" an  obvious work of satire, by well-known brilliant satirists at the website (Incidentally, a daily must-read for me).

Here is the image that Snopes found to be "false":

And here is how the deep thinkers at Snopes presented the satire to their readership:

Notice that they omitted the credit to, presumably because readers might have actually gone there and realized it is a satirical site. Thus, they betray their crass political motivations, to discredit critics of Obama's handling of the shutdown. This is flat out dishonest.

Update. Big Fur Hat writes to me:

Just for edification, the site that stripped off our credits was not
It was a conservative website - The

Frank Webb, the owner, I believe, admitted it in an e-mail, saying his "very good editor, " great at her job" editor, felt that
the image needed "cleaning up."
And in that cleaning up, whoopsy, our credit disappeared.

Let me save Snopes some time. This image from and Conservative Treehouse is also satirical. No, Obama has not yet capped Old Faithful. It's a joke!

What is next for Snopes? Perhaps they will co nsider debunking the most famous political cartoon in American history, Thomas Nast's "Let us prey" which portrayed New York's Boss Tweed as a raptor.

False! Boss Tweed was not a bird.

Then there is this:

False! Newt Gingrich is not lighter than air.

Good Lord, don't these people have something better to do?