How do you pass immigration reform with a president who changes the law by executive decree?

We hear from the pundits that President Obama will be pushing immigration reform next.

As a supporter of a limited reform, or work visas for people but not a path to citizenship, I agree with Congressman Labrador;

"Labrador said when he was working with the group he was beginning to feel that immigration reform might be a bad-faith effort from Democrats.  

Every single time we were closer to something that actually we could both agree on, the president and his party continued to push back," he said. "It's just the way this guy negotiates. The president and [Senate Majority Leader] Harry Reid will only negotiate in a take no prisoners type of attitude, and I just don't think it's healthy for the American people and it's definitely not healthy for immigration reform."  

Now, Labrador said he doesn't want the House to pass anything on immigration -- even piecemeal bills that many GOP members support -- because it could be combined with the Senate-passed comprehensive reform bill.  

"Anything that you pass to the Senate piecemeal they're going to try to conference it with their Senate bill," he said. "It's not worth doing it."  

During the event, Labrador said "it would be crazy" for House Republicans to go to conference with the Senate on immigration and attempt to combine the two chambers' bills. Rep. Matt Salmon (R-Ariz.) said House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) told him they would only deal with piecemeal legislation and would not conference on the Senate bill.  

"I think what he has done over the past two and a half weeks -- he's trying to destroy the Republican party," Labrador said of Obama.

"I think that anything we do right now with this president on immigration will be with that same goal in mind, which is to destroy the Republican party and not to get good policies."

Congressman Labrador is right.

My first concern is that President Obama will change the law that Congress passes.  I would not be surprised if he issues "waivers" or tell AG Holder not to enforce border security.

My second concern is that President Obama is not interested in serious reform. He just wants to use immigration reform to get Hispanic voters out in 2014.

By the way, we just saw in New Jersey that Mr Booker under performed in New Jersey.  He won but a lot of minority voters stayed home.

President Obama can not afford more under performance. President Obama needs Hispanics to "show up" to avoid a disaster in November 2014.

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