Hey, Barry. Did you hear the one about 'cutting your losses?'

You know that you are in trouble when the cheerleaders are not cheering for you. The NY Times, cheerleader "numero uno," posted a story that won't make anybody happy in the White House: "Federal contractors have identified most of the main problems crippling President Obama's online health insurance marketplace, but the administration has been slow to issue orders for fixing those flaws, and some contractors worry that the system may be weeks away from operating smoothly, people close to the project say.    Administration officials approached the contractors last week to see if they could perform the necessary repairs and reboot the system by Nov. 1. However, that goal struck many contractors as unrealistic, at least for major components of the system. Some specialists working on the project said the online system required such extensive repairs that it might not operate smoothly until after the Dec. 15 deadline for people to sign up for coverage starting in...(Read Full Post)