Half a million apply for Obamacare but just a few actually enroll

In an AP story out this morning, we learn there that "476,000 health insurance applications have been filed through federal and state exchanges." That's great news for Obama, right? Not hardly, as Politico explains: To get covered, people have to create the application, shop and compare health plans, find out if they qualify for a federal subsidy and how much in total they would have to pay, and then actually select and enroll in a specific health plan. Millions of people have smashed into cyber-brick walls as they try to get through the flawed computer system which must process the information supplied by the applicant and check a massive "data hub" drawing on information from several massive federal agencies. And even when people do manage to choose a plan, insurers and industry consultants say that the federal government is having trouble transmitting accurate and consistent data about who is signing up for which health plan. That indicates the online system has...(Read Full Post)