Don't be surprised if the Obama White House does a 'Friday night document dump' on ObamaCare

The unthinkable about ObamaCare may very well happen a lot sooner than you think it will happen.  I would not be surprised if a White House staffer "tweets" that ObamaCare has been put on hold until further notice.  The Friday Night Dump!   Why?  Because ObamaCare faces two insormountable challenges, or two hurdles that will require a lot more than "happy statements" by Press Secretary Carney about letting technical people work overtime to fix things. First, the technical problems, or the famous "glitches," are starting to look more and more like that old car that needs a new engine.  In other words, it's not the radiator that needs to replaced.  It's the whole engine!  I recall from personal experience that new engines are a lot more expensive than radiators!  I got rid of an old car when I heard that it needed an engine rather than a radiator! Second, "sticker shock" is now a big issue, a credibility...(Read Full Post)