Dear President Obama: Fire somebody and show that you are in charge

By any executive 101 standard, President Obama is failing and failing big: 1) Hold your subordinates responsible; and, 2) Make adjustments. Speaking of accountability, let's start with Secretary Sebelius.  Why does this lady still have a job, especially after her hilarious appearance with John Stewart? Let's look at Secretary Sebelius's performance, as Tom Bevan posted: "Sebelius' department had 3½ years to prepare to implement the Affordable Care Act. No one ever suggested that commandeering one-sixth of the American economy would be an easy task. (Many Republicans suggested the opposite and were dismissed as killjoys for their efforts.) But after the debacle of the last two weeks, liberals and Democrats-not conservatives or Republicans-should be calling for Sebelius's head."  Life is not fair and it's not all Secretary Sebelius' fault.  However, she is charge!  It's her department. This is Fast & Furious all over again. ...(Read Full Post)