Cruz Control


Senator Ted Cruz is being hammered from all sides. He has been called insulting names by members of both parties. He has had vile accusations thrown at him. Many have tried to put him in his place, as if being a junior senator necessitates he pay some proverbial dues before daring to represent his constituents with fearless resolve. And heaven forbid a junior senator exhibit an inclination for real leadership.

Through it all, Cruz has remained above the fray. He does not reciprocate ad hominem attacks against members of either party. Instead, he is undaunted as he makes his case to the American people. And in the process, he does what few Republicans do, and that is to stay on point during interviews and not to allow so-called journalists to set the agenda. His brilliance was on display most recently in an interview with Candy Crowley.

In this interview, as in many others, Cruz remained ever gracious as he made one incisive point after another. His core principles are so strong and so clear that no amount of insult, condescension, or any other manipulative journalistic tools can fool him or divert his attention away from his priorities.

It is truly a beautiful sight to behold.

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