Colorado recall effort targets another anti-gun state senator

Last month, two Colorado State Senators, both Democrats, were recalled.  Now State Senator Evie Hudak, who thought she had escaped an earlier recall effort, is back on the hot seat.  On Monday October 7, the issue committee "Recall Hudak Too" was registered with the Colorado Secretary of State. The original "Recall Evie Hudak" committee was formed on April 7 and is still active. As of September 19, that committee had raised about $6,600 in cash and a little over $7,000 in non-monetary contributions. Since reopening the effort last week, McAlpine says their biggest problem has been dealing with the large number of volunteers. The committee has learned from the other recall campaigns and is confident of getting the required number of signatures to force a recall election. The petitions are due January 4th, just the legislature's 2014 session begins. Arrogance towards the voters was a big issue in the successful recalls and Hudak has also come across as arrogant. ...(Read Full Post)