Bizarre Obamacare ad

Condescension is rarely an effective marketing tool. The ad below, which is the collective product of  no less than three progressive organizations: Thanks Obamacare, Colorado Consumer Health Initiative, and Progress Now Colorado.  I am, to use a British term, gobsmacked:

Given the fact that "bros" like the three wasted young men pictured are slated for the role of milch cows, to pay more for health insurance so poor people and the elderly can pay less, the appeal here makes no sense at all. Coming up with thousands of dollars a year for overpriced health insurance, and then facing a six thousand dollar deductible would do more than use up the beer money of drunkards worse than the men pictured here.

Maybe the progressive groups here are used to drinking one hundred dollars-a-bottle Sam Adams Utopia, but I don't think it comes in kegs. Besides, it wounds awfully one percenter for a group that uses "progress" in its name.

I can't claim to be tuned into young people today, but I do confess to having attended my share of keg parties and getting wasted now and then. I would have found this ad insulting, not least because it is based on nonsensical lies.

Hat tip: The Right Scoop

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