Aren't you glad we have a 'smart' foreign policy these days?

"And the hits just keep on coming", like DJ Ron Britain used to say on WCFL, the top 40 station that we listened to walking home from school in our days in Wisconsin.

We just learned that the US was listening to telephone conversations from sea to shining sea and beyond, according to news reports;

"German and French accusations that the United States has run spying operations in their countries, including possibly bugging Chancellor Angela Merkel's mobile phone, are likely to dominate a meeting of EU leaders starting on Thursday."

The Europeans are so mad that they may act against the US. Some want to delay the free trade agreement under negotiation. Don't bet on that. 

To be fair, there is a little bit of "shocked Captain Renualt" in these reactions. It's hard to believe that these foreign leaders did not know that we'd be interested in what they did behind the curtains.

President Obama faces a unique satiation in these cases.  He ran for president as "the different man," "the 'change we've been waiting for" and how he was going to work with our allies unlike his predecessor.   In other words, a lot of leaders, and especially their constituents, never expected this Obama.

Are you starting to feel sorry for President Obama?  I am.  This is going to be one "hellish" of a second term!


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