A unique program that promotes freedom and liberty

(Disclosure: I am a paid editor at PJ Media)

PJ Media has developed a new concept in online social networking designed to appeal to liberty-loving conservatives across the net.

The Freedom Academy is a unique blend of on-line classroom and interactive book club where people can rediscover freedom and liberty, one generation at a time. Some highlights:

  • Freedom and Liberty: The academy's educational and entertaining content was created for those who have great interest in, and love for, freedom and liberty. As Ronald Reagan warned, 'Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction,' the Freedom Academy is a place where the next generation can rediscover freedom and liberty.
  • Appeal:  The series that make up the Freedom Academy's initial offerings will appeal to anyone who is intellectually curious and looking for thoughtful content online.  The videos are both visually rich and intellectually deep, and well worth a watch.

  • Values: Many Americans yearn for a rebirth of the values that have sustained Western civilization.  We can apply lessons from the classics to today's debates about religion, government, and the military.

  • Series:
    • Beginning with the first lecture series, the Odyssey of Western Civilization, Victor Davis Hanson takes his viewers on a 2,500-year adventure across the landscape of Western civilization.  
    • The second series, The Western Story, explores the many connections between the classical Greek and Roman worlds and our world today.  
    • The final series, History in the News, correlates the present with the past.
    • The Freedom Academy also features a fourth video lecture series created and narrated by Scott Ott.  Called Freedom's Charter, this 20-episode video series takes you behind the scenes of the creation of the U.S. Constitution.
  •  Comprised of four lecture series, the Freedom Academy's online video lectures and companion e-books are offered on its website.

In addition to the lecture series, there will be an interactive book club. The Freedom Academy Book Club is a free online forum where people who cherish freedom and liberty can discover new books, connect with other intellectually curious friends, and revisit historical tomes that shaped America's destiny and contemporary books that influence today's debates.

The club features book insights and recommendations from a Literary Panel, interviews with authors and an interactive bookshelf to help you build and organize a reading list. Club members also can rate and review their favorite books as well as add recommendations to the mix.

The site launched yesterday and I can attest that it was a much better rollout than the Obamacare website - no glitches, or hiccups. If you're a lover of history, biography, or current events - if you like discussing these concepts with like minded conservatives, this is a great opportunity to participate in a unique program that combines the excitement of a social network with the prospect of learning and growing in a stimulating intellectual environment.

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