A Call To The First 2000 names in the Boston Phone Book, Your Country Needs You Now

William F. Buckley stated that he would rather be governed by the first 2000 names in the Boston phone book rather than 2000 professors of Harvard. Well Bill, the time is now. We have met the faculty and from the past five years, we believe they should stick to their lounges, worn sport jackets and pony tails, and their pastime of mutual admiration. Theory has met reality and theory loses. Warm and fuzzy but inapplicable, unrealistic, and uncalculated is Obamacare. Accounting magic, front loaded costs, double counting hundreds of millions of dollars and all to make the bird fly. It is out of the nest now, but there is no air under its wings. How many millions have been wasted, are being wasted, and will be wasted to resurrect this bungled and theoretically contrived monstrosity? Obama and his minions shout through the media megaphone that the 16 day slow down of the Federal government was an ill conceived, destructive, divisive and hateful exercise by the Republicans.  In...(Read Full Post)