Wouldn't it be nice if Cubans could publish their thoughts like Fidel does?

Fidel Castro is in bad health but his pen is apparently OK. He just wrote some rather bizarre thoughts at Granma, the state newspaper.   Fidel is concerned about "robots":   ""It is said that by 2040, just 27 years from now, many tasks that today are carried out by the police such as handing out tickets and other tasks, will be done by robots," Castro wrote. "Can readers imagine how difficult it will be to argue with a robot capable of making millions of calculations per minute?""  Wonder if Cuba's political prisons or state controlled newspaper will also be run by robots?  Frankly, I was under the impression that every state journalist in Cuba was already a robot.  They are told what to write and when to do it.  He took a couple of shots at President Obama, another indication that "hope and change" may have lost another subscriber.  We can now safely put Fidel in the "No se puede" disappointment club.  First,...(Read Full Post)