Will Kurt Mix, Criminal Defendant in the BP Deepwater Horizon Incident, Go Free?

Former BP engineer Kurt Mix was the first, and for some time only, person criminally charged in the Deepwater Horizon incident. He has a court date October 2nd.  A good  possibility exists that the court may vacate the charges against him.  Kurt Mix was called upon to stop the flow of oil after the rig had sunk. Therefore, he played no part in the tragic loss of 11 lives. He did not create the mess. He was tasked with cleaning it up. As previously noted the question is, Was BP's Kurt Mix a Criminal or a Hero?  Fortune's Walter Pavlo has been following the course of the legal maneuvering and wrote a column Prosecutors Gone Wild. He savaged the prosecutors, most of whom have already jumped ship on the prosecution, returning to lucrative private sector practices before facing the prospect of losing in court. He wrote: "Maybe it's just me, but based on this "evidence", how could someone in a case like Mix's even get indicted?  Recently, we found out and it...(Read Full Post)