Why would a capitalist dress up like a bloody communist?

Our friend Alberto de la Cruz has the pictures over at Babalu -"Billionaire Richard Branson dresses like mass murderer Che Guevara to sell cell phone service."  (Thanks to Marc Masferrer for starting this at his blog!)

On a scale of 1 to 10, let's make this a 9, or somewhere between a "Che" placard at the immigration marches or Jay-Z walking around Havana with a T-shirt.

Did anyone tell Mr Branson what Che thought of capitalism and specially capitalists?   (Get Mr Branson a copy of Humberto Fontova's book and read about the real "Che".)

In other words, this is a man who "supervised" the murder of hundreds of Cubans.

This is not the romantic figure created in Hollywood about a young man riding a motorcycle in South America.   He is not that "Jim Morrison-like-face" that shows up at every leftist rally in the world.

Che was a murderer and he really hated capitalists.

We ask again: Did any one in Mr Branson's marketing department do their homework before they came up with this rather insulting campaign to promote his business?

Mr Branson is actually rather fortunate that he did not own an airline in the Cuba that Che governed in the early 1960's.  Very lucky!

First, his private property would have been "nationalized" or stolen by the Castro regime.

Second, Branson would have been accused of exploiting employees. In Che's world, every employer exploits his workers!

Third, it's likely that Branson would have been connected to the CIA. Why not? Everybody else was accused of working for the CIA.

At the end of the day, Mr Branson would have ended in prison or executed. He may have been lucky enough to get out like so many others did.

We ask again: Why would a capitalist dress up like a bloody communist to promote his business?

The answer is ignorance, plain and simple ignorance.

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