We're Not All Country Club Beltway Elitists Either

Meghan "Motormouth" McCain has graced the journolistos at Politico with another of her like, insights, into like, the Republican Party and what is wrong with it. According to McCain, who is promoting her new show on some "network" that nobody in America has ever heard of called Pivot, Republicans need to be more hip and more in tune with the young folk. Maybe so. But guess what, Meghan? If you want conservatives to listen to you, stop insulting us every time you like, open your, like mouth. We might listen to some of your ideas, if you didn't start every conversation with tearing down conservatives to build up your street cred with the liberal media. And there they are every time, ready to echo your insults against conservatives or Republicans. And rubbing their hands in glee!

The progeny of Arizona's Maverick Senator stated that there are plenty of Republicans that are more mainstream. "We're not all rednecks," declared Meghan.

As a redneck of the first magnitude (seeing as I live in a rural county in a southern state and vote Republican which is the redneck Trifecta), I take exception to these Beltway "media" wannabes insulting the country class so that they can prove how cool they are. And in the same interview, this voice for the younger Republicans says "I don't espouse myself to be the voice of young Republicans at all." Can you even "espouse" yourself? Puh-lease!!

Megs: Please just fade away quietly into the Pivot network stable, and let us redneck Republicans do our thing. Like totally!!


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