Was President Obama angry that the Navy Yard tragedy interrupted his planned speech?

There are days when we are Americans, or we put our "D" and "R" aside because of a Tucson, a 9-11 or a Boston shooting.  For example, did any of you care about politics when you saw those towers going down?  Like most of you, I thought about the victims and their families.

Sadly, President Obama did not do that yesterday.  He spoke a few hours, and miles, from a mass shooting and couldn't help attacking the GOP. 

Joel B. Pollak is right

"On Monday, while the death toll mounted at the Navy Yard, President Barack Obama delivered a strident partisan tirade against Republicans, using the fifth anniversary of the Lehman Brothers collapse to score political points ahead of the debt ceiling debate. It was an appalling act of division and insensitivity, and unlike George W. Bush's My Pet Goat moment on 9/11, it was a calculated abdication of leadership."

I'm not a psychiatrist but President Obama has all of the signs of a man overwhelmed by events.  Mr Hume is right: "too partisan". 

With respect to President Obama, he looks bitter because events have not gone as planned: 

1) They still hate and want to kill us around the world.  "The Cairo Speech" now looks silly in retrospect;  The Arab spring looks like something out of a movie rather than the newsreels;

2) Syria has not gone down well.  He lost a lot of his base on this one;

3) The US economy is not clicking.  On the contrary, more and more people have given up looking for work.  There is now serious income inequality in the 5th year of the Obama presidency;

4) ObamaCare is off to such a bad start and is very unpopular: and,

5) He is not a transforming president.  He is "small" like Carter rather than consequential like Reagan. 

Again, this is not psychiatry.  I'm just looking at a man who can't handle the reality that he has been forced to operate in.  The bad news for all of us is that he has 40 months left of this agony.

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