The Ice Caps Are Flourishing

Max is a big fan of Al Gore and believes in global warming.  I tell him that global warming is an unproven science put out by hysterical liberals to profit and sell devices related to others' fears.  Academics at East Anglia University in England were already caught faking global warming's effects.  Gore has created a whole industry around nothing, pushing for Cap and Trade.

Al Gore left office and became a multimillionaire due to his global warming theories and the sale of his television station to Al Jazeera.  Quite a man, Gore.  He has his liberal coterie praising his self-serving ideas while he is siding with oil magnates and the cheerleaders for Osama bin Laden.

I remind my Max of Paul R. Ehrlich's The Population Bomb, which threatened us with overpopulation and starvation; Rachel Carson's Silent Spring, which helped curtail DDT so that malaria soared in Africa; and the headlines in all the papers in the eighties, which threatened that everyone in the world would be dead of AIDS by the year 2000.  Headline-grabbers pushed these predictions, but none of them came true.  (Mass death by AIDS might have made Ehrlich happy, worried as he was about overpopulation.)

Max accuses me of risking his children's lives by not taking apocryphal global warming seriously.  I like kids.  I don't want to kill them.  But Obama's failure to compete with Middle Eastern oil could lead to WWIII.  If anyone is risking his children's lives, it is Obama and Max.

Max and the Obamas of the world have taken us from a first-rate power to a third-rate one.  No one's afraid of us anymore.  Who could fear a country stupid enough to regard global warming as a biblical truth?  Max does not bother with alternate points of view.  And he wants me to feel guilty for not embracing something as nebulous as global warming.  He thinks that I am evil.

The only thing really hurt by global warming has been the economy.  Obama has wasted billions on solar panels, windmills, and electric cars.  He has failed to allow the Keystone XL Pipeline, offshore drilling, development in Alaska, and fracking -- all of which could be big boosts for the economy and provide thousands of jobs in a diminishing economy.

Now we have reports that there has been an increase of almost a million square miles of Arctic ice compared to last year.  Predictions that global warming would result in the disappearance of ice caps have become ludicrous.  The Maxes of the world are being proven to be frightened, erroneous children.  Al Gore should be sued for impairing our country and frightening us into a timid economy.  He should be chased by one of the polar bears that he pretends are extinct.

The U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change blames global warming on human greenhouse gas emissions.  Yet there is mounting evidence that Arctic ice levels are cyclical.  Man is not at the center of these changes.

Gore is like the geocentric theorists of the Middle Ages or ancient Greece.  He believes that man and the earth are the center of the universe.  Man causes climate change, according to Gore. Shucks, I don't think he has a Ph.D. in climatology.  He doesn't recognize the influence of the sun and sunspots or that there are factors larger than man and his swollen ego.  He thinks he is modern, but he belongs with Ptolemy.