Send in the clowns.....Don't bother, they're here

The Obama/Syria episode got weird, really weird on Saturday.  After avoiding Congress, and the American people, President Obama will now seek approval from the legislators:

"In a dramatic turnaround, President Obama said Saturday that he will wait for congressional authorization to punish Syria for a chemical weapons attack, even though he has decided a military strike is needed. 

"We should have this debate," the president said in an announcement in the White House Rose Garden. "I respect the views of those who call for caution.""

Unfortunately, President Obama did not call on Congress to come back or set some deadline on the vote.  It will happen whenever it happens.

Some say that this is a political decision.  In other words, President Obama is throwing this hot potato into the laps of Congress.

At the same time, he looks very weak around the world.  He looks like a man who is looking for a "lifeline" or a way of getting around  having to attack Syria.

He also pulled the rug from under Secretary Kerry, who was ready to go to war yesterday.  Wonder how Secretary Kerry feels today?

Yes, Judy Collins did sing:  "Send in the clowns.....don't bother they're here"! 

Yes, the clowns are here and they are making "life and death" decisions.

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