Republicans turn on each other as shutdown vote in Senate draws near

House and Senate Republicans have drawn their swords and are dueling over strategy and tactics regarding the House-passed Obamacare defunding measure that is attached to the government spending bill. And it's getting personal. The fight centers on how best to proceed in forcing Harry Reid to bring the CR to the floor with the defunding measure intact. Defunding supporters want to prevent Reid from following Senate rules to offer an amendment that would strike Obamacare defunding from the CR on a straight majority vote rather than requiring the 60 votes to reach cloture. Byron York: When Republicans who oppose the defunding gambit pointed out what the rules allow Reid to do, defunding proponents called it a "procedural trick" and came up with an alternative strategy: Yes, Republicans should vote to begin debate on the bill. But they should then vote in a bloc against limiting debate. That would stop dead the entire continuing resolution -including the defunding provision -...(Read Full Post)