Pastor Terry Jones arrested before he could burn 2998 Korans

Book burnings are what Nazis do. It doesn't belong anywhere in America for any reason whatsoever. There is nothing in any book ever written or published that should be suppressed. But why was controversial pastor Terry Jones arrested by Polk County sherrifs on his way to burn 2998 Korans? Doesn't he have the right to act like an ignoramus if he chooses to burn books? Jones was arrested, according to the Orlando Sentinel, for unlawfully carrying kerosene in his vehicle and for carrying a firearm. LA Times: Jones is best known for stoking Muslim anger by publicly desecrating the religion's holy book, sometimes with international consequences.This time law enforcement officials intervened before Jones could carry out his plans for a ceremonial Sept. 11 burning.Jones had planned to set alight 2,998 Korans at a Polk County park for the 12-year anniversary, with each Koran "representing one of the victims, every person who was murdered by Islam," according to one of his news releases...(Read Full Post)