Parents of teens who trashed former NFLer's house threaten to sue

Well, it's no surprise that these kids would break into the vacation home of retired NFL player Brian Holloway and trash the place considering their parents response to this lawlessness. They want to sue Holloway for posting their kids' pics on social media. An out-of-control party destroyed the vacation home of former NFL star Brian Holloway, and he wanted to hold the partygoers responsible. But when Holloway fingered the culprits over social media, some irate parents threatened to sue him. Around 300 teenagers broke into the former football star's vacation home and threw a massive party, trashing the house and posting their exploits on social media. The party caused about $20,000 worth of damage. (Via ABC) Holloway was staying at his primary home in Lutz, Fla. when his son alerted him to the tweets about the party. Shocked, Holloway called the cops and watched the drama unfold over Twitter. "I was following the tweets and you can see the conversation go from...(Read Full Post)