Parent manhandled by security for asking question about Common Core

Bryan Preston at PJ Tatler has the shocking story of a parent from Towson Maryland trying to ask a question about the new Common Core standards being roughed up by a security guard (who it turns out was an off duty cop) and arrested. First, the story from Fox News: A father in Towson, Maryland, was forcefully ejected from a local town hall forum for asking the wrong question. Robert Small had concerns over the Common Core education initiative, feeling that it was dumbing down the curriculum in his local school district. "My question is, how does lowering America's educational standards prepare kids for community college?" asked Small, before soon being approached by a security guard - who was also an off-duty cop - and being dragged away from his seat. The outspoken father then implored the crowd to take action. "Don't stand for this," said Small. "You're sitting here like cowards. You have questions!" Apparently, Small didn't follow the proper protocol of submitting his ...(Read Full Post)