New regs would force movie theaters to provide devices for deaf and blind patrons

The irony is lost on advocates for blind and deaf people in that by requiring expensive AV aids - closed captions and audio descriptions of what's happening on the screen - it is likely that choices available to the disabled will shrink dramatically as thousands of theaters will be forced to close because they can't afford the new equipment mandated by government. The Hill: Disability associations say that the new regulation will make sure that blind and deaf people can appreciate the latest blockbuster just like everyone else. But theater owners worry that a federal mandate will force small, rural and struggling theaters to close given the costs associated with the rule. "These theaters can barely stay in existence and often need community support to break even," the trade group wrote in a comment to the Justice Department's 2010 precursor to the upcoming proposal. "To require them to install expensive closed captioning technology at this time is an undue financial burden...(Read Full Post)