Myth: Your private information is safe in the hands of Obamacare employees

The state insurance exchanges created as a result of Obamacare aren't even up and running yet and there's already been a breach in the privacy firewall. In Minnesota, an Obamacare "navigator" accidentally sent out an email with the social security numbers, names, addresses, and other personal information of insurance brokers. Ooops! With Obamacare's massive Patient Data Hub poised to open soon, a sloppy mistake by an Obamacare employee hasn't exactly inspired confidence that Americans' private information will be closely guarded by Obamacare's powers-that-be.  As the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports (and Andrew Johnson highlights at NRO), an Obamacare exchange employee in Minnesota accidentally sent out an email containing 2,400 Americans' Social Security numbers.   The Star Tribune writes: "A MNsure employee accidentally sent an e-mail file to an Apple Valley insurance broker's office on Thursday that contained Social Security numbers, names, business...(Read Full Post)