Master manipulator Putin presses all the right buttons in NY Times op-ed

Over the decades, the New York Times has published op-eds from princes, potentates, sheikhs, thugs, dictators, and holy men. In fact, it hardly matters most of the time what they say, but rather the Times cashing in on their notoriety. Who's hot right now? Vladimir Putin, Russia's former Communist, former KGB President who pleads with the American people not to strike Syria because it would violate international law...or something. Actually, Putin's screed is a master stroke of manipulative propaganda. It's obvious Russia has been paying very close attention to the debate in the US about using force against Syria because Uncle Vlad hits every single hot button issue that right and left have used to dissuade the president from going to war with Syria. The problem isn't so much that Putin is parroting the anti-war line in America. They are good arguments and stand on their own - without Putin's help - in making the case against war.  But do we really need a guy who wants to...(Read Full Post)