Khatami, Ahmadinedjad and Rohani: What's the Difference?

In 1997 there was an election ritual in Iran and the dear Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei anointed President Khatami. He was the first clergy of the Iranian ruling regime who smiled. American elites took a sigh of relief, called him the intellectual, and went out of their way to invite him and give him their platforms to speak to them. They all ignored the slaughter and imprisonment of thousands of university students who had voted for him.

However, while Americans were naively looking for friendship, President Khatami was distracting them from the establishment of their nuclear program by his charm offensive.

Eight years later, a high ranking member of the State Department asked my opinion about Ahmadinejad, the newly anointed president of Iran. I said: "He is a nobody, his educational accolades are overstated, he does not even understand the meaning of the word intellect and he is a crass." Six months later, they told me I was right.

Not only the State Department, but the media, jumped on the bandwagon of speculation such as: he is the first educated, civilian president that Iran has had.  Again, hopes were raised and the talking heads were analyzing that he will be the one to bring sanity to the Iranian regime and at last, there will be someone to talk to and make a deal with. Eventually Ahmadinejad opened his mouth and dashed all hopes.

Now we have another Iranian president anointed by the dear Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.  President Obama has been exchanging letters with him and the American elites are expressing the same hope and debating about whether the president should meet and talk to him.

It is a very peculiar system of social and political analysis among the Americans who consider themselves experts, in the ways they think about the human race, and how they judge western societies separately from the non-western societies. Mr. Kenneth Pollack who has written a book, has come up with two choices for America to deal with the problem called Iran. 

First, going to war against Iran. Americans are tired of war and it is not going to be acceptable with our allies and competitors, such as Russia and China.

Second, allow the nuclear Iran to happen and then contain them!

In reality his suggestion as a former CIA analyst is better to allow the dictator clerics of Allah, with the belief of self-sacrifice to promote Islam, to possess nuclear bombs and then we will contain them.

However, there is an unanswered question here: if the United States has not been able to prevent the clerics from developing the nuclear bomb how can we contain them once they posses their nuclear bomb.

As a former CIA analyst, Mr. Pollack must surely know that the whole reason behind the nuclear bomb is a guarantee of power that the Mullahs of Iran are seeking. In addition, if they do get that guarantee, not only will the people of Iran suffer enormously, but their international terrorism in alliance with Russia and China will threaten the western world.

The Supreme Leader gets his advice from the Russians who have been a friend of the Iranian clergy since early 1800s. The KGB supported Khomeini's take over indirectly. President Putin is getting personally closely involved with the clerics to make sure that the northern neighbors are there to support their rule.

Mr. Lavrov is already speaking on behalf of the Supreme Leader, saying that Iran may be willing to voluntarily suspend its uranium enrichment program above the twenty percent level, in exchange for full recognition of its right to enrich uranium.  He is also suggesting that President Rohani wants the removal of the economic sanctions. 

Removing the economic sanctions is not for the sake of the children and population of Iran; it is the shortage of funds for their nuclear and military equipment purchases in the black markets. The powerful Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps demands the funding for their international terrorist activities of destabilization and create havoc in the western hemisphere.

There is a video of the regime controlled Iranian television interview, in which Mr. Rohani is describing, in detail, how he has manipulated the Europeans to prevent the United States from stopping their nuclear program.  He explains how he masterfully dragged on the negotiations with the British, French, and Germans on, for years, during which time Iran was developing their nuclear program tenfold. He brags that he even made the Europeans promise him to act as a protection shield for Iran, against America.

The Islamic regime of Iran announced its opposition against America even before they took the power in 1979 and they have proven it for the last 35 years. They have obviously made their alliance with America's competitor and their old friend, Russia. The policy that was set by Khomeini made Iran the platform to spread Islam from. The welfare of the people does not concern them, since the IRGC has them under total control with a brutal fist.