John Fraud Kerry: Leading the Charge of the Lie Brigade

Obama's choice of John Kerry to lead the charge for war against Syria demonstrates once again just what a tin ear this administration has.  When you have a hard sell from the get-go, it helps to have a credible spokesman.  Has every member of the president's inner circle forgotten the 2004 election and how John Kerry was shown by former members of his naval unit in Vietnam to have huge credibility issues regarding his own war record and his untruthful testimony before Congress about American atrocities in Vietnam? Have they never considered that the reason John Kerry never followed through on his promise to sue those sailors who had portrayed him as a fraud and his war record as phony, for defamation, libel and slander was due to the simple fact that a complete defense to such charges is if their statements happened to be true?

John Kerry's former shipmates rose up, almost to a man, and deprived him of the presidency with vicious lies and he didn't sue? With the potential for damages that such a case would present? With the opportunity of righteous retribution against those who had harmed him so grievously? With the promise of vindication before the entire world and the means to clear his name?  I'll wager every lawyer reading this will tell you that his failure to sue was due to that one little issue of truth.  He sought neither vindication nor punitive damages because as a lawyer himself he understood that legal discovery and testimony would not only destroy his legal position, it would destroy what remained of his political career.

So John Kerry tucked tail, despite being mocked for doing so, and let the issue die away quietly so that he could retain his Senate seat and survive to head the State Department, a job where many believe the ability to lie blatantly and convincingly is considered essential.  The problem, however, lies with the millions of Americans, particularly millions of veterans like me, who wouldn't take John Kerry's word on any topic, but especially on an issue that involves such a malodorous misuse of our military.  My own informal sampling around the internet tells me that any Obama Red Line attack draws a red flag from most veterans, a cohort notable for standing strongly in support of any legitimate implementation of military force. 

Some will say that since Kerry is Secretary of State and has friends in Congress, he should be leading this campaign.  But many millions of us are convinced Kerry's carefully crafted career is based entirely on lies pertaining to military operations, both his and others.  Apparently our sage leaders in the White House think Secretary Botox sufficiently detoxed from his 2004 debacle to lead this Charge of the Lie Brigade, a widely unpopular military proposal, with an outcome likely similar to its Crimean counterpart.  It's truly questionable who's dumber, the fools in the administration who picked Kerry to sell this suspect story or the fool Republicans in Congress who are sucking it up.

Consider that most of those in Congress are lawyers so they have to be fully aware that Kerry didn't sue in 2004 because he couldn't risk the trial discovery process.  They know he's a fraud who lied about his war record and the so-called Vietnam atrocities, yet his former Senate colleagues have just bought the self-serving lie this administration huckster is selling.  What a bunch of cheese-eater weasels.

Hey, at least I'm not alone here.  This guy definitely agrees with me.  Jean Fraud Kerry indeed.

See also Jeffrey Lord's excellent piece, John Kerry's Bright Shining Lie - ed.