HuffPo: Repudiate Corrupt Obama

With now lobbying against the resolution concerning war in Syria and OFA, the president's own grassroots organization  declaring neutrality, it's becoming apparent there are some cracks in the coalition that helped elect Obama.

But you know the president is in trouble when the Huffington Post, usually a reliable shill for everything Obama is and stands for, asks in a lead article, "Is the Obama Administration the Most Corrupt in US History?"   

It seems things are not quite the same as they used to be among The One's supporters. Now it is true the author lays blame on Bush and the Republicans, but the very fact he criticizes the president so severely is very significant and probably a sign the GOP should leap on the points mentioned, hammering them home again and again.  

Among the scandals cited is the fact President Obama signed a bill that once again enables insider trading among members of congress.  The author states:

"[He] didn't have to sign this bill; he supposedly represented the public, not the people on Capitol Hill; he could simply have vetoed it, and given that vetoing-event the same TV-fanfare exposure he had given to his signing of the STOCK Act a year earlier; this would have been a very popular thing for him to do, and it would have been in keeping with all of his campaign rhetoric, upon the basis of which he had won the White House. But corruption has instead been rampant during his Presidency; and his decisions - both personnel and policy - have largely assisted that, as happened here: he chose to help corrupt members of Congress."

An expose of the increasing corruption of the US business environment follows:

"When the World Bank scored the U.S. on "Control of Corruption" in the 2009, 2010, and 2011 (or Obama-era) versions of their "Worldwide Governance Indicators," the U.S. performance wasn't even as good as it had been in the previous, 1996-2008, rankings. Whereas the U.S. had scored consistently at the bottom of the top 10% (and near the bottom of the developed countries) prior to Obama, the U.S. has scored at the bottom of the top 15% (and the very bottom of the developed countries) since Obama came into office in 2009.  This overall finding, of declining U.S. performance, is entirely in line with the similar findings from the World Bank: Corruption in the United States is increasing significantly during Obama's Presidency."

More follows, such as the foreclosure settlement scandal, which was deliberately designed to help former regulators.  The regulators received billions, while the poor guys who were supposed to be helped were left holding the bag.

Other scandals mentioned:  Crony deals with big banks and severe punishment for whistle blowers, who are described as "routinely destroyed by the Obama administration."

The article continues:

 "Obama wants the future recipients of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, to pay part of the price for those crimes, so as to 'share the burden,' with the defrauded former homeowners, and the defrauded outside investors in 'toxic assets.' All of these non-'elite' people are just 'pitchforks,' to this President. He represents the 'elite,' no such riff-raff. He protects that elite from us, not us from them.

The conclusion: 

Obama needs to be repudiated, "personally, by the Democratic Party. He is a historic stain upon the Party, much like George W. Bush is upon the Republicans; and the later that this stain is cleansed by our Party, the worse it will be for our Party, and not just for our nation."


Who could have imagined or thought HuffPo would run such an article?  Is Obama's halo, formerly burnished daily by the liberal press and the Democratic Party now tarnished beyond repair?

One can only hope.
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