'Friends of Barack' facing multiple charges in corruption case

Well, well, well!  Just look at who has been charged with money laundering, mail fraud, conspiracy, obstruction of justice, and other crimes involving  Federal and Illinois grant money for health charities, job training and other programs. A few friends of our president, Barack Obama, that's who.  One of those charged is the daughter of Reverend "godamn America" Jeremiah Wright.  Wright is the minister who united Barack Obama and Michelle Robinson in matrimony; the happy couple then attended his church for many years listening to Wright's anti American sermons.  Instead of helping the poor improve their lives, which was the purpose of these grants, those charged were financially comfortable becoming even more comfortable at the expense of the not even minimum wage workers. Oh, and all the accused are...Democrats.  Coincidence?  Not that this is necessarily Obama's fault of course.   According to the Chicago Sun Times The U.S....(Read Full Post)