Does the Obama team think that all Hispanics crossed The Rio Grande?

The Obama White House has a PhD on "pandering" to Hispanics.  They don't have results.    For example, they didn't propose immigration reform when the Democrats controlled the Congress.  They won't explain the lousy unemployment in Hispanic districts or their opposition to reforms in public education. But they are good at pandering or distracting.  September is Hispanic Heritage Month and the White House wasted no time to tell you what they think of Hispanics living in the US.  My friend Jorge Ponce, a fellow Cuban American and contributor to Babalu Blog, brought this to my attention: "This year's White House Proclamation to commemorate National Hispanic Heritage Month includes the following language:      "Whether our ancestors crossed the Atlantic in 1790 or the Rio Grande in 1970 ..."   What are they talking about? Just on September 17, 2013, we celebrated the 226th anniversary of our Framers' signing of the...(Read Full Post)