Didn't Alexis get the memo?

Well, it did not take long for the "gun control" crowd to get their message machine going!  Their message is always simple:  We need more gun laws!

Starbucks, a place that I go to from time to time for coffee, just put out a message calling on customers to keep their guns home.

Like so many gun control enthusiasts, Starbucks does not understand a simple fact:  Law abiding citizens do not shoot innocent people when they are drinking coffee or doing something else.

The real problem is that crazy and deranged people do not follow the law or pay attention to memos from a well meaning Starbucks CEO's.  

Perhaps, someone will stand back and remember something about the Navy Yards, i.e.  a gun free zone:

"Alexis passed his background checks, then was issued credentials that allowed him to enter the Navy Yard, bypassing such armed security personnel as guarded the perimeter.    After that, he faced unarmed victims, deprived of the means to defend themselves. "

Once again, we will hear from the left that we need more gun control.  Unfortunately, all of these "gun free zones" do not allow Americans to protect themselves from people who go crazy.

P. S.  You can hear my chat with Barry Jacobsen here.


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