Democratic losers in their war on women

The women--and men--of New York City rose up and rejected the Democratic candidates in Tuesday's primary for mayor and comptroller who were waging war against women. Despite--or really, because of--his addiction to displaying the contents of his tighty whities, notorious sexter Anthony D. Weiner, who until the very end insisted he would be the next mayor, managed to get just 5% of the vote. 

Client #9, otherwise known as former Governor Eliot Spitzer, did somewhat better in his race, capturing about 47.8% of the vote but not enough to win.

At the post election parties, neither candidate's wife was visible, neither seemed to be standing by her man.  Spitzer's wife, whose stricken face softened her husband's apology and resignation after his elaborate sessions with call girls became known, is rumored to be seeking a divorce.  Huma Abedin, Weiner's wife and mother of his son and Hillary Rodham Clinton's gal pal State Department advisor was perhaps busy advising her former boss.  Or something.

What's next for them?  They'll be back--somewhere, somehow.  They're Democrats.