Coal Saves Forests from Boilers and Sawmills

We read that Greg Hunt and his green allies are promoting a world summit to draft a "global rainforest recovery plan to preserve and expand the world's standing forests".

Why then are other members of the same global green alliance supporting policies that result in standing forests in America being pelletised, shipped across the Atlantic and burnt for power generation in order to earn green carbon credits for the giant Drax coal-fired power station in UK?

And why are they promoting carbon policies that push up the price of concrete and steel thus making it preferable to use wood for construction jobs? And are they concerned that soaring electricity costs are forcing poor Europeans into the forests poaching wood for winter fuel?

Coal has saved more forests from boilers and sawmills than have ever been saved by pre-election promises from pious politicians. Forests are expanding only in rich societies which have access to abundant coal, cement, steel and electricity.