Chicago Tribune: 'the most puzzling, and potentially disastrous, week of the Obama presidency'

The Chicago Tribune is not as liberal as some other big city newspapers. It was, after all, one of the leading GOP boosters in the country when owned by Colonel Robert McCormick. But there is little doubt that they have been cheerleading for their hometown favorite son for 5 years. And that's what makes this editorial so stunning: So what if Congress says ... no? What if lawmakers join their counterparts in the British House of Commons in nixing any military action against Syrian dictator Bashar Assad? Will the president order a military strike anyway, or will he back off, as British Prime Minister David Cameron did last week? Cameron suffered a serious political blow. Can Obama just say, "Never mind"? He bought himself some time to figure that out, too. Congress does not return to Washington until Sept. 9. Note that Obama did not, at least publicly, ask congressional leaders to return sooner for a resolution of this crisis. So ended the most puzzling, and potentially...(Read Full Post)