Another Op-Ed? When will foreign dictators go on 'Dancing with the stars'?

First, it was "Moscow Vlad" over at The NY Times.  Now, it "the moderate from Tehran" going on The Washington Post. Do I see a trend here?   The cynic in me tells me that Iran is buying time, or wrapping up the West in a negotiation mode. Iran, like all others, have concluded that the US is weak.  They see a president who drew a red line, threatened to use force, couldn't get a congressional resolution and then backed into a deal that allows Assad to stay in power.  The bottom line is that we drew a line, someone crossed it and nothing happened.  They call that "weakness" in the real world. I agree with my friend Bill Katz: "My fear is that we will get an "agreement" with Iran that will be meaningless.  They'll "scale back" a small part of their program, allow some international inspection, and pursue the bomb secretly.  Europeans will be the first to look away, for there is business to be...(Read Full Post)