Wanna smuggle something? Call The Castro Movers

We are learning more and more about that  "brown sugar' Cuban ship traveling to North Korea: They keep finding weapons under all of that brown sugar!  

Check out this little surprise in the ship:

"Two more containers with suspected arms have been found on the ship in addition to the two already discovered.

Access points to the ship's storage areas were all 'completely blocked' in breach of international regulations when Panamanian officials boarded it, security minister Jose Raul Mulino said.

Cuba said the weapons on the ship included two anti-aircraft missile batteries, nine disassembled rockets, two MiG-21 fighter jets, and 15 MiG-21 engines, all Soviet-era military weaponry built in the middle of the last century.

North Korea would breach the arms embargo imposed by the U.N. by carrying out repairs.

Britain's U.N. Ambassador, Mark Lyall Grant, said the ship appeared to have violated the U.N. arms embargo.

Speak to Cuba about the ship?  I guess that we will tell the Cubans that they are not supposed to violate UN rules.  Is that what we are going to talk to them about?

Maybe we should ask the Cuban government about that high ranking North Korean military officer who visited Cuba a couple of months ago.  

Don't be surprised if the Cuban official explanation is that the military man was in Cuba to pick up a few baseball tips for the new North Korea baseball team in the World Baseball Classic.

You laugh?  Aren't these the same people who told Panama Canal officials that the ship was full of "brown sugar"?

Thank God that Panama did not fall for that!

The Castro brothers say that North Korea sent a high ranking officer to promote the historical ties between the two communist nations. 

It turns out that the only connection that Cuba and North Korea were promoting was shipping old Soviet weapons and we have to assume selling them in the black market!

And I hear that some people want to lift the embargo against Cuba?

One senior U.S. lawmaker called the matter a 'grave violation of international treaties', while officials said Washington would be speaking to Cuba about the ship."