The world is not respecting or fearing President Obama

We can safely say that most of the world does not respect President Obama.    His "red lines" are useless.  His "threats" are laughed at.   We are closing embassies around the world after President Obama told us that the war on terror was as good as over. And he looks so weak when there is a thug like Putin on the other side of the table.  For example, the Cold War and USSR is history but Putin is boosting military ties with Cuba.  What for?  This is what "thugs" do when they sense weakness. Putin is having a good time insulting Obama, as Michael Crowley reminds us today: "The Cold War may be over. But America's relationship with Russia is about as warm as a Siberian pool party. And there's not much Obama can do about it. Some commentators are urging him to "man up and punch back." But Putin is not an easily intimidated man. Indeed some close observers openly wonder if he's altogether...(Read Full Post)